It’s not your job to be the parent

Upset boy being comforted by sister.

When your parents split up there may be many things for you to worry about. Maybe your brother or sister is feeling really upset or the parent you’re living with is worried about money. You’re a kind person and you want to help everybody.

Being in a family is about caring for other family members and doing your fair share so the family works and does well but when families spit up children can sometimes take on too much. When this happens it feels like too much pressure. It can make you sad and angry.

Some older children may feel that they have to get a part-time job to help pay for things to run the house. This takes time away from learning and playing. It can make you tired and feel like you are becoming an adult before it’s time.

It’s good to know the rules about working as a child, such as how many hours you can work, when you can work and how much you should get paid.

It’s not your job to fix adult problems. If it is getting too much for you speak to your parents about how you feel, If it’s not safe, or when you spoke to them it didn’t help, find someone safe to speak to.

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